Mechatronics Labs

The mechatronics labs of our Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub are open. The 3000 SQ FT research and development lab area is configurable to act as two large labs or four small labs based on clients’ needs. The workspaces are modular and can easily be opened up to provide easy flow from one lab or vehicle bay to another or sectioned off to ensure confidentiality creating the perfect environment for both single firm and multi-party work.
The lab is so flexible it can even adapt to all stages of product creation from research and development to process validation, as the product evolves and needs more space, we can modify the lab – you don’t need to go to a different location! (Saving time and money!) In addition, with NRC expertise and research experts ready to work with you, the space provides users with the ideal facilities and resources for making automotive and manufacturing advancements.
Please contact me for more information, Stephen Sweeney  519-430-7133

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