NEW – Huron 5-axis CNC Machine

NRC London is currently installing its new Huron CNC machine. It will become one of the main pillars of our digital factory where it will fabricate our components and allow the further scaling up of our existing capabilities in micromachining and surface functionalization.

The CNC will be connected to the central manufacturing infrastructure so information can be collected, analyzed, and utilized in real time to help us perform R&D on maximizing manufacturing efficiency.

This state of the art instrument is a true 5-axis CNC machine. It has a combination of high dynamic speeds, repeatability, and accuracy which allows very high performance machining and provides high quality surfacing or roughing in true 5 axis fashion. Here are some of its features:

  • Travel: 780mm in X, 700mm in Y, 500mm in Z
  • Accuracies – According to VDI/DQG 3441:
    • Linear Axes (XYZ)
      • 004mm of uncertainty
      • 002mm of repeatability
    • Rotary Axes (AC)
      • 7 seconds of uncertainty
      • 6 seconds of repeatability
    • 24000 RPM HSK 63A spindle

We are eager to begin working with this equipment and demonstrating to you the value of connectivity and digitization.

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