A new place for collaboration, research, and design

NRC London’s new automotive and manufacturing lab is designed to be a work area that encompasses all stages of product development from research to design to process validation. In order to provide a fully functional centre that does not separate the process from the product. The Centre consists of three main workspaces:  automotive R&D labs, advanced manufacturing R&D labs as well as offices and conference room spaces.

The 6,000 SQ FT automotive workspace includes experimental vehicle bays as well as flexible research and development labs all of which are capable of being easily modified to best suit the user’s requirements. The two 1500 SQ FT experimental vehicle bays are equipped with lifts, automotive shop capabilities and 12 x 14 FT roll up doors making it accessible to a wide range of different sized vehicles. The 3000 SQ FT research and development lab area is configurable to act as two larger labs or four smaller labs based on clients’ needs. The workspaces are modular and can easily be opened up to provide easy flow from one lab or vehicle bay to another or sectioned off to ensure confidentiality creating the perfect environment for both single firm and multi-party work.

The advanced manufacturing working area is a 6000 SQ FT high crane bay with 30 FT ceilings and a 10 ton capacity crane. The area will consist of advanced automation, Laser manufacturing and advanced machining cells to be used for scale up and digital microfactory workspace. The cells will serve the purpose of process validation and testing in a scalable model for industrial applications relevant to industry. With a strong focus on automation and connectivity the workspace will demonstrate digital factory technologies and IoT and will constantly be pushing the envelope to create advancements in Canadian manufacturing.

Alongside the automotive and advanced manufacturing R&D labs will be dedicated workspaces for clients. These will consist of 8 private offices and 8 flexible cubicles to allow clients to work onsite near the laboratories. Casual meeting spaces as well as 3 meeting rooms designed for 4, 6 or 8 people capacity will be available for use. These workstations and conference rooms will allow for easier collaboration for multiparty projects and increased efficiency through onsite office spaces.

The centre was designed to be completely flexible and modular allowing for adjustment to meet any firm’s needs. With workspace available for all stages of product creation from research and development to process validation and administrative workspace, as well as access to NRC expertise and research, the space provides users with the ideal facilities and resources for making automotive and manufacturing advancements.

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