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Demolition and the architectural design process are complete and construction is kicking off; all hands are on deck to get the NRC’s new automotive & manufacturing lab in London Ontario up and running. With the ever-changing challenges and increasing pressure on manufacturers to create and innovate safer, more environmentally-friendly and cost efficient vehicles, the NRC has set out to create an innovation hub that will feed the research, development and integration of new technology into the automotive world.

The lab is a flexible and agile collaborative space set-up to rapidly solve industry problems with novel technology solutions that can be integrated on a short term and modular basis. The state of the art facility will include multiple configurable research and development (R&D) labs, experimental vehicle bays, an advanced manufacturing digital factory as well as multiple office work spaces and meeting rooms. The lab is a place for companies to conceptualize, integrate and commercialize multiple technologies while having access to NRC research, design and development experts and services with strict confidentiality and project specific intellectual property (IP) management. The NRC’s focus is to assist Canadian manufacturers in adapting to advanced manufacturing including mass customization, process industrialization and factory automation to increase the productivity and competitiveness of various sectors of Canadian industry.

With the demolition portion of the project having come to an end in early May and the architectural and facility engineering design process also being recently completed, we could not be more excited to have had construction begin this month! NRC London staff is eager to see the lab come to life and to work with industry to develop cutting edge technology aimed at revolutionizing a wide range of industries and pushing Canadian industry further up the leaderboards on a global scale. The project is set to be completed by April of 2018. We encourage you to follow this blog and see this exciting project come to life.

Post demolition

Design concept – Vehicle bay

Post demolition

Design concept – Automotive laboratory

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