Newly renovated automotive labs ready for projects… almost! After nearly one year, we are finishing up construction of the automotive bays and are almost ready to open the space up for projects with clients. While the finishing touches are being[…..]

NRC London is currently installing its new Huron CNC machine. It will become one of the main pillars of our digital factory where it will fabricate our components and allow the further scaling up of our existing capabilities in micromachining[…..]

NRC was present at this year’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress Experience. From April 10 to 12, we showcased the many changes being made at our London facility that be beneficial to members of the automotive engineering community.[…..]

The microfactory currently in construction at NRC London will allow companies to work with NRC to develop and demonstrate cutting-edge processes using the latest in advanced manufacturing technologies. The microfactory’s clients will be able to come in with their gear[…..]